Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fishing Night Sleep Often Suicide Desire

Teenagers are getting enough sleep time will make them happier and have less risk of depression.

A recent study released Journal of Sleep prove teenager with bedtime at 10 pm or even earlier have significantly levels of depression and suicidal thoughts were lower than sleeping teenager at midnight or early morning.

Research conducted Dr. James E Gangwisch of Columbia University Medical Center New York. Together with his partner, he surveyed 15,000 children between seven and 12 levels during 1994-1996. "There is a general opinion that older adolescents do not need sleep as younger teens. This is wrong, they need time to bed around nine hours each night," explained Gangwisch.

Observations indicate 54 percent of parents admitted their children's bedtime at 10 pm or earlier. While 21 percent of other parents describe their child's bedtime at 11 PM, and 25 percent allow their children to bed at midnight or early morning.

The duration of sleep and depression levels are interconnected, both in adults and adolescents. According to the research team Gangwisch, the relationship that occurs in two directions, namely those with little sleep increases the risk of depression. While difficult to depression trigger someone to sleep.

More than two-thirds of teens say they sleep when they really sleepy. The parents of a tougher set bedtime, to prove the child avoid depression. The results of the analysis says there is a relationship between sleep time with the risk of depression suffered by children.

The children with sleep at midnight or early morning, 24 percent suffered from depression and another 20 percent thought suicide act. Meanwhile, children with nighttime sleep duration for five hours or less, 71 percent have a risk of depression, and another 48 percent had suicidal thoughts. Both of these compared with children who sleep under 10 pm and for more than 8 hours a day.

The respondents who claimed to get enough sleep are at risk of depression 65 percent lower and 29 percent thought suicide than children with less sleep.

"Sleep is very important for mental health so as to focus energy and motivating tasks and activities all day," explained Gangwisch.

According to Gangwisch, giving reasons for teens to sleep just is not easy. He added, mainly from the temptation to surf the internet until the morning. "It takes effort, especially with teenagers who have their own thoughts and desires,"

However, he adds, parents should ask the children their teens to early sleep for a few days to convince them the benefits of sufficient sleep.


Yan futaki on January 11, 2010 at 12:32 AM said...

Health is the main thing that should be on guard by us, usually regret that arise when we are exposed to the disease.
one of them by keeping the rest of our pattern, anyone who slept over at 10 - in the morning. would be very difficult to set the pattern of daily activities

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