Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - Alex's face looked confused. His eyes were red. Suddenly, he went to a collection of journalists who were to update the news about the events in the fall of an additional building Metro Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (23/12/2009) afternoon.

"If the victim was taken to anywhere?" he asked. Alex is a merchant of cigarettes around. When asked, he was still carrying his wares.

Then, the, Alex told her search and her friends against one person co Kurdish village called pages. Searches have been conducted since the fall of the building that occurred this morning. According to Madura's origin nomads, he and his friends are around to all the hospitals that housed the dead or survivors. He also browse the list of victims. There was no Kurdish names in there.

"I've asked the police, was reported as well. But there is no Kurdish names. Ya know where else I can find?" Kurdish question.

Evacuation process is conducted pascaperistiwa happened has been stopped since 14:30 o'clock last. Finally, the National SAR Agency team to ensure detection and no more victims alive beneath the rubble. Nevertheless, the possibility of dead is still there under the rubble of the building. Then, where Kurds?

From the list of the last victim received from the building management, there is also a Kurd. Alex then asked for help where he could find certainty. "If we had such certainty, I would love to know his family. Whether alive or dead, we are still looking," he said.

Kurdish merchandise at the scene

Alex told me, shortly after the incident occurred, he and his colleagues who came from Madura drove to the location. Incidentally, Alex is also a contract with the Kurds. When combing the location, he saw a Kurdish merchandise boxes of cigarettes and a thermos of hot water at the scene. More precisely, under the iron that helped collapse. "I'm sure it has Kurds. But the man did not exist. I'm sure he was there," Alex said with tears in her eyes.

This morning, the story of Alex, Kurdish departure from the rented around 06.00. Unloading Center Metro Tanah Abang is usually a hangout cigarette merchants and hot coffee around. "He used the way it early in the morning. Last night, he also recently lost his money USD $ 900,000 and a few packs of cigarettes because the contract is locked forget," the story of Alex.

Alex revealed, he and his colleagues will try to find out the existence of Kurds. "Poor families," he said. Kurdish, according to Alex, was married. Child and his wife were in Madura.

"Please help me, how to find certainty. The police, the evacuation was completed. But the Kurds have not sticking well," said Alex again. She also asked for help to get information about the treatment or delivery of the corpse when found dead Kurds.

Report to building management also find confirmation of the reporting for those who still seeks to ensure his family. Based on the information Wholesale Center Building Manager of Metro Tanah Abang, Setiarto Haryono, from the list of victims who bagged his side, there is only a handyman who becomes a victim coffee named Abdul Havid dead. He said, if there are those who lost family members, can be reported to the building management.

"Evacuation was done. But if there is looking for families can contact us," said Setiarto. The management of the building will bear all costs of the victims required. For those who seek information about the victim, can call the number (021) 30,035,400.



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