Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BPK Investigation Results In questioning

JAKARTA - MI: Economist Farid CPC Prawiranegara basic question stated that there were indications of criminal acts in their audit reports on the case of Century Bank. The reason for two consecutive years prior to an audit investigation, CPC provides unqualified assessment (clear opinion) to the Institute of Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) and Bank Indonesia (BI).

"But suddenly in the audit investigation at the request of the House, CPC said suddenly found indications of criminal action in the case of Century Bank," said director of consulting and management company PT Indoconsult that after discussions Protection of public policy at Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday (21/12).

According to him, if indeed there really was a violation, should be in their regular audits, CPC has found indications that violation. It dinilainya as an anomaly.

"Century audit report shows that the CPC said the opposite in a similar case," he said.

In addition, he said, the CPC audit report submitted to the Parliament is still not complete to make an investigation. The report does not yet include the background economic conditions at that time that the decision issued last disbursement BI moment.

The reason, he argues, the objectivity of the audit is ultimately going concern. This means that policy-making background should also be viewed in a comprehensive manner. "I can not dong, we audit the financial condition without considering the background part time policies," he said,

According to him, it's because that's what determines the policy, whether he's going concern or not. "Does a sustainable business or not," he said.

He saw the anomaly report stemmed from the composition of the current CPC members. Four of the nine members of the CPC is a former member of House Commission XI. As a former member of Parliament, they used the audience telibat in state budget management.

They usually do the proposed approval of government budgets. It makes them really do not deserve to be auditors. "That is why should a former member of Commission XI is not involved in the CPC membership. It would be a conflict of interest there with such a composition that," said candidate CPC 2009-2014 period.

According to him, the entry of members of the House was already cast doubt be the beginning CPC independence. Composition showed that people who audit the Century is not the people who are competent.

"They've said in the House, they do not do audits. They just change the sentences and semicolons. So how could they say that someone else has violated the law?" specifically.



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