Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lift Iron

JAKARTA - sport (cabor) Indonesian weightlifters begin to consider the opportunity to appear in the 2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou, China. They are optimistic Eko Yuli Irawan et al can do more in the multievent.

Coach Lift Iron Sori Enda Nasution Indonesia says his protege the opportunity to talk more in the Asian Games next year is wide open. Moreover, Eko et al proved in the SEA Games (SEAG) in 2009, Laos. Red and White won 5 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Good benchmark results that made him optimistic that Indonesia could gain even medal at the Asian Games competition certainly greater than the SEAG. Unfortunately, the coach who familiarly called Ucok was not too open to how much a medal that should be realized troops.

He preferred to prepare foster children. "Obviously, there is hope. We also still need time to evaluate, especially after undergoing SEAG before speaking at the Asian Games, "said Ucok.

Indonesian weightlifters opportunities fairly good in the pan medals, mainly performed in small classes from 56-77 kg. Therefore, it will be difficult Lifter Indonesia Lifter compete with other Asian countries such as China, Iran, and the former Soviet states if forced to appear in the heavier classes.

"It must be difficult to compete if it falls in the middle class and weight, but not mean-Lifter Lifter Indonesia will not experience a serious obstacle in a lightweight down. They must keep training hard after undergoing SEAG, "he said.

Ucok hope the best Lifter will undergo continuous training although currently most Lifter coachee to go home each. He wants to exercise will maintain peak sustained performance has been formed so far.

According to him, the exercise routine is needed by every athlete. Because, in terms of coaching, the most difficult to establish the performance of athletes rather than down. The reason was that made him stop giving these instructions.

Lucky, in the near future, the Lifter Indonesia had a chance to test their performance at the Islamic Solidarity Games (ISG) in 2010. "We do have an agenda to appear in the ISG in April next year. I hope the championship will be the target before we know the ability to compete in the Asian Games, "added Ucok championship which will make it as one side selection.

While Weldemar Lifter Sandow Nasution, Indonesia is committed to improving his failure in SEAG Laos. He will try to clean themselves up to realize his ambition medal in Guangzhou, China.

I do not want to have a deadlock for a second time. I hope to get optimal results if you have the opportunity to re-strengthen the Indonesian contingent at the Asian Games, "Sandow said.



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