Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chris jhon

JAKARTA - Chris John was reluctant to accept the challenge of Robert Guerrero. In fact, the boxer was nicknamed The Dragon-class refuse to ride super feather, Guerrero class shelter.

Agent Chris Samson Lewkowicz said, his client chose settled in featherweight (57.1 kg). That statement made Guerrero crushed a desire to challenge a boxer from Banjarnegara, Central Java (Central Java), the.

According BoxingScene website, The Ghost - nicknamed Guerrero - had declared his challenge to Chris John early next year. However, with a note, Anna Maria Megawati's husband was the next grade to super feather.

"We had talked about the desire Guerrero with Golden Boy Promotions, but the agreement have not been to see a bright spot due to Chris John wants to continue to appear in the featherweight," said Lewkowicz.

Lewkowicz added, his client is currently undergoing consolidation in Semarang, Central Java, and plans to take the ring back in April next year. Unfortunately, Lewkowicz not want to explain who your opponent will face the father of two children.

"We have not received an offer from Golden Boy to compete Promotions and we also have not provided the answer. Obviously, Chris John did not have a problem even though the next grade, especially if you look at extraordinary performance in the class. But, Chris seemed to choose a focus in featherweight, "said Lewkowicz.

While Assistant Manager Harry's Gym, Toni Priatna confirmed if there is a challenge from Guerrero, but it has not given a positive response to the desire boxer from the United States (U.S.) it. "We do not give a signal, especially Chris seems to still want to fight at featherweight," added Toni.

Toni also has not given anyone other leaks that in the near future will face Chris John. He only explained if Chris John was the focus of Christmas with his family faced.

However, if Chris John insisted survive in featherweight, so one boxer qualified in such featherweight Juan Manuel Lopez, Steven Luevano, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Israel Vazquez, Rafael Marquez, and Celestino Caballero will likely be his opponent.



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