Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China Import Drugs raid

Application of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) ASEAN-China fear it would affect the flood of imported medicines China especially if there is no protection from the government. This can cause a lot of the domestic pharmaceutical industry grew collapsed and threatened out of business.

"With low prices, importing pharmaceuticals China could flood the market. Moreover, more China produces and markets generic pharmaceuticals brand," said the chairman of the Joint Center for Pharmaceutical Companies Anthony Ch Sunarjo Indonesia, Sunday (10/1/2010) the night , in Jakarta.

GP Farmasi 208-member pharmaceutical companies, and among 15 companies, including foreign companies that have factories in Indonesia. As for the hundreds of other pharmaceutical companies that are members of GP Farmasi national industries including small and medium scale.

Before the FTA applies, Indonesia has experienced heavy reliance on China, especially in terms of supply of raw drugs. In the 80s, as much as 80 percent of drug raw materials imported from Europe, and the rest is imported from India and China. Now, quite the contrary, 80 percent of the total number of Indonesian medicinal raw materials imported from China, and a small part of India.

"If a large volume, low price, then the drug raw materials taken from China. So the drug raw materials imported from China, and then formulated in the country," said Anthony.

In addition to traditional medicine, it now began to rule China market or rational modern medicine, including hypertension drugs, drugs for diabetes, and drugs anti-cancer drugs.

While a small portion of production raw materials imported drugs from India. Even India has entered the stage of basic research medicine with advanced technology such as drugs with a new drug delivery systems so that patients do not need to take medication three times a day but just once a day. So, India is more superior in technology, medicine production.

In addition to producing raw materials intensified drug, was China also began to develop the production of modern medicines, including generic brand in the category with very low prices. "So China is not only producing the raw material, but you also begin to produce a drug substance. It could hit the pharmaceutical industry, because China can sell their products at lower prices," he said.

With the current health insurance system, a number of agencies now tend to choose generic drugs and the cheapest price. This is beneficial for the wider community because they can get drugs more cheaply. "But on the other hand, this could be a threat to the sustainability of the domestic pharmaceutical industry," said he added.

With the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement or the ASEAN-China FTA, import drugs from China are expected to invade the Indonesian market in the next few years. To be able to enter Indonesia, drug products must be registered and evaluated before and then given a marketing authorization by the local authority.

"When registering products, drug manufacturers must be able to meet the requirements of how good manufacturing or CPOB. With the current pattern of China government, the possibility that conditions can be met the producers of China in 2-3 years so the next few years Indonesia will face drug raid imor from China, "he said.


Eri Subakti on January 14, 2010 at 2:43 AM said...

sebenarnya saya g begitu tahu tentang bahasa inggris tapi nice post sob....

ari craft on January 19, 2010 at 8:56 PM said...

comment balik ya??nice post..

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