Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Write Fault Status on Facebook

Be careful when writing the status of the social networking site Facebook, let alone that could offend the one hand, or carry loads SARA. After Evan's case Brimob Facebook status got stuck in the public and reap public anger a few months ago, this time a man named Ibn Rachal Farhansyah infuriating the people of Bali, a Hindu majority.

Because, at the time held the majority of Balinese ritual Nyepi, Tuesday (16 / 3), Ibn instead write a trigger conflict status. In his Facebook account, Ibn write "nyepi a rich tai quiet day." Cash, the status of a comment directly reap the anger of a number of friends on that account.

In one comment, Ibn figure labeled as a hypocrite who does not appreciate the Hindus. Many are asking Ibn to leave Bali or threaten to report these cases to the authorities, the police.

Ibn finally write the current status of state apologies to all the people of Bali, especially the Hindus, the rough statement.

However, rice has become porridge. Already caused Ibn's lips. Also emerged that a number of groups expressed opposition to this action Ibn. One of the group to mobilize support for Ibn drive from Bali.

Ibn himself reportedly had so long lived in the island resort. Apparently, he still had a lot to learn to adapt and appreciate the differences customs, cultures and religions, where he lives now.


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