Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fatal Error facebookers

6 facebookers Fatal Error

According to the survey, 30% of companies use Facebook to evaluate prospective employees. So, do any writing or upload something on your account. Avoid fatal mistakes 6 below.

1. Profile photo less "polite"
Glance there is nothing wrong from a photo of a profile that shows you're posing teasing or drank a bottle of liquor. But if the image is viewed by prospective employers, professional image you will immediately collapse.

2. Complaining about work
Can be a complaint about the work piling up, or uneg-uneg be an incompetent boss. Complaining is natural, but if you do it in public forums, a different story.

3. Write something contrary to your resume
You write in 1984 as the year you were born in the CV. But on Facebook, your birth year 1979. No matter how small differences in the data yourself, you risk being branded dishonest. Minimal careless and did not care.

4. Write a status of "snitch"
Be careful when writing such status, "Tommy did not go today because of" sick ", yet another holiday in Bali. While I was stuck with work that had accumulated. Not only the good name of your friends are at stake, but also the credibility of your own. You'll look devious and untrustworthy.

5. Not using the facility Privacy Settings
We can set who can view the full profile for us, who can not see certain photographs, etc. Unfortunately, not all Facebook users take advantage of this facility. Even many who do not understand or do not know at all.

6. Defamation
You have to keep your Facebook page so it looks good professional. Suddenly, a friend of uploading your photos that are drunk, and certainly do not forget to tag you. Rajin-rajinlah check Facebook so they can direct you to remove unwanted content.


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