Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Able to "sex", Husband Police Report

BERLIN, - A German citizen goes to the police station to ask for protection from his wife. Not because of cases of domestic violence, but because he is of Turkish descent was no longer able to serve the sexual demands of his wife.

To the police, the husband told me, he had four last year was forced to sleep on the couch to avoid his wife, who he married 18 years ago and has given two children. "He decided to divorce his wife and moved home for a rest. He can not wait to come to the office in a fresh condition, "police said in a town in southwestern Germany, on Wednesday (26/01/2011).

The man was admitted at this time could not rest easy because, although he had slept in the living room sofa, she always catch up and demanded he do the "husband's duty. " "He asked for police assistance to be able to sleep soundly at night," said police


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