Saturday, May 14, 2011

Men Have Time Favorites Funs


Funs Therapist who is also the author of Psychology Today Here to Help: Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy, Arlene Goldman explains the average guy is very excited in the morning, because at that level of male hormone testosterone is reaching its peak.

Reported by Wellsphere, men's testosterone levels begin to rise at midnight and peaked at about 5 a.m. to 08:00. At early morning, there was also increased heart rate in men.

Increased testosterone levels and heart rate that makes men experience erection. An erection that would not want to be wasted by men. They want to release it with sex with his partner.

"When the hormone testosterone to reach the highest level, men will become more energetic when making love. The energy that could make it more durable," added Goldman.

While the men were excited in the morning, the woman is the opposite. They do not feel sexy when I was just waking up.

But now that you already know when their favorite time to make love, it's time to change ourselves. There is nothing wrong wake up earlier than the him, to go to the bathroom, brushing and spraying perfume.

When she opened her eyes and have an erection, you should already be on his side, and of course feel sexy after a flash to fix themselves.

"Make yourself a fresher can make a woman more awake and have the mood to make love," said Goldman.

After feeling refreshed, you are ready to make love. But the situation the morning, makes you not too excited about having sex with a position that takes energy.

Sex Counselors Trina Read gives a few tips about a comfortable position in the morning. "Spooning is an ideal position for the morning," said the authors 'Till Sex Do us Part' it.

"Many people sleep with a position like that, so that he could easily touch your chest and provide clitoral stimulation," added Read.


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