Monday, May 9, 2011

The Saudi government denies Zamzam Water Contaminated

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia's government has denied claims that Zam Zam water  which comes from springs in the complex of the Grand Mosque of Mecca polluted. Arab Kingdom insisted there was no health threat to the holy water.

Leadership Council Affairs Two Holy Places said in a statement on Saturday (7 / 5), the board did not receive a report stating there was a problem with the water of Zam Zam, which is safe to drink.

According to Islamic teachings, the spring was never dry for 4,000 years and many pilgrims treat water as holy water and have a miracle in healing.

British media reported last week that well are "polluted" and "drinking Zam Zam water can cause diseases like cancer. "

Saudi Arabia Embassy in London issued a statement confirming the Zam Zam water is not polluted and research in various European laboratories in March confirmed the water is safe to drink.
King Abdullah inaugurated the project in September worth 187 million U.S. dollars that is able to fill 200,000 bottles per day in Makkah.

Pilgrims in Majidil Haram to drink Zam Zam water from hundreds of faucet that are available everywhere. The government of Saudi Arabia has banned the commercial export of water.

Muslims believe Zam Zam water out of the ground to give Siti Hajar, the wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS, and infant son, Prophet Ismail AS, under the sting of the hot sun in the dry valley of Mecca at that time.


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