Monday, December 28, 2009

Forbade Infotainment, NU Asked Coming to the Press Council

Jakarta - members belonging Ulama (NU) requested that gossip infotainment show stopped because illegitimate. NU was asked not to play ban and using existing channels to protest, one of them to the Press Council.

"Do not play forbid, we even have to come to NU Press Council," said Abdullah, a member of the Press Council Alamudi while talking with AFP on Saturday (25/12/2009).

Alamudi said existing channels if NU is not satisfied or protest against the media associated with the infotainment that is gossip. In addition to complain to the Press Council, NU can also send a letter of protest to the institutions associated with the delivery of infotainment.

"Tell me where are the protests of the program. Do not play forbid forbidden, stir.'s Channel, NU could use that channel. NU send a letter to the relevant institutions to protest the broadcast program," added Alamudi.

The problem is, if NU willing to come to the Press Council or send a letter of protest to the relevant institutions serving infotainment.

"NU does not want to come to complain and protest. As a public institution uyang older than this republic, the republic joined kok building is now in the doldrums. We expect NU to take action and not just protest, which show that the program is not preferred and not true," Alamudi firm.

Previously NU infotainment shows gossip urgent cease immediately. Because, pemberitan which sell personal and family problems of people can be bad for society.

"NU requested that the media infotainment shows stopped. Since the news that sell the family secrets, and stirring the mix relationships between family members," Hashim said in a release received by AFP on Friday (25/12/2009).

According to boarding school caretaker Al-Hikam Malang and this Depok, infotainment, gossip is character assassination of people who reported. "Because it did not become part of freedom and democracy, but became part of the character assassination of harmony or peace in the family," he explained.

In Islam, he continued, news gossip merupkan hard dihukumi ban unlawful. "Even compared in the Qur'an as one who could eat the flesh of a dead brother in the search for sustenance," said former Chairman PW GP Ansor East Java.



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