Friday, December 25, 2009

Serve Two Years Birth Father Sex Desire

Cruel. Perhaps a word that can describe the actions undertaken by Murjiono, 34. Father of three children was raped butter SC, 14, who was none other than his own children. Even the act violates the norms that made since 2007 or during the last two years.

Rape is done in the room-sized house 4 x 6 meters. Indeed, the tiny house, leaving only one room and a small guest room. Often times, Murjiono indecent acts in the two brothers slept on the SC side of the mattress.

Action depraved father was no longer able to continue, after the SC is experiencing physical distress and for two years ventured to report. After examination and evidence, Unit Women and Children Services (PPA) Polresta membekuk Murjiono Malang, Tuesday (22/12) night at his home, Jl Sarjono, District Breadfruit, Malang.

PPA Unit Head, Inspector One Elisabeth Polnaya explained, since the first event happens and then again nearly four times a week, SC did not dare mention this to people. Murjiono, which daily becomes a cement warehouse porters in the region Janti always threatening to kill SC.

"The victim was always afraid, because his father threatened to kill him if the story to others," explained Elisabeth when asked SC in the PPA. In addition, SC, left her mother became migrant workers in Malaysia was thinking about the fate of his brother. Two sisters, you name it, Nina, 11, and Adi, 8, are condemned to displaced and likely join his father hurt if he rejected the wishes of the father.

"My sister never abused (hurt, red), but very likely to be hurt if I refused each time forced begituan," said SC. It tells the junior high teens, the painful events that happened in 2007, several months after her mother, Puji, 29, went to Malaysia. At that time, the time to show at around 23:00 pm. Murjiono who came in drunk, went directly to the SC is still awake. Direct SC strangled and forced to serve the desires of the father.

"For two hours I was forced. Before the end I gave up because of death threats, "said SC with tears in her eyes. While the SC is also no guts to talk to her mother who diligently called. Murjiono dirty deeds last dilakuan and 15 November 2009. At that time, SC home and began to rarely choose to stay at a friend's house.

SC courage comes when he reports to meet Agus, 20, youth who became her boyfriend. Agus urged SC told frankly about the pathogenesis of depression. In the end he reported, especially Agus plans to marry her someday.

"When my father would not let me marry, then I have the courage to report. I want to go from the house, I do not want to go there, I do not want to see my father. My revenge, "said SC.

The body Murjiono ornate tattoos, just reasonable mistake, "My mistake, I do not thinkers." He went on, from left to praise, he was lonely. As he often did not have the money for 'snacks' because they have to support her three children are still in school.

PPA Kanit Polresta Malang, Police Superintendent Elizabeth Polnaya One explained, will be snared Mujiono Article 81 of Act 23 of 2003 on the protection of children with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.
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