Friday, December 25, 2009

Slank problematic because Cicak vs Crocodile?

Wild rumors Slank concert if the ban is closely related to the political temperature of the growing capital city heats up. Mentioned that Slank now thought of as a political band, related to the case of 'lizard' versus 'crocodile'. However, as the founder and life Slank, it claimed Bimbim always trying to think positive, no matter at hand.

"Yeah hell, they say so (because of the Commission case), but if I still wrote positive thinking," said Bimbim with his trademark smile. met with his wife and children in Jakarta, Wednesday (23/12), the owner of the long name is Ben Setiawan Almuchzumy further emphasized, if the band never took the side of one pole of politics in this country.

"Perhaps more political temperature heats up, but this year we again do not you go-go," he said.

"We're not defending any one party, but now practically participate in politics instead. Just my positive thinking," added the man was skinny. (kpl / ato / bar)
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