Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monkeys that fly to mars space

VIVAnews - The Russian space researchers will allow to send a monkey in a space mission to Mars Space. If implemented, the monkeys will be the first primate that landed in the Martian soil.

The Russian space researchers first time sent a monkey in 1983. Although the monkeys will be protected and served by a robot, it is believed the decision to publish the controversial activist group animal lovers.

"We plan to return to space missions," said Zurab Mikvabia, Director of the Institute of Pathology Research and Therapy Georgia as published in the Telegraph newspaper pages. This research provides a monkey for the same program in 1983. In early discussions with the Academy of Russian astronauts, monkeys prepared to simulate a landing mission on the Red Planet, Mars.

Russian-European cooperation to produce Mars-500, with six volunteers were placed in a capsule for 120 days earlier this year in Moscow. Mikvabia explains, the program aims to prepare early in the cosmonauts (people) to Mars.

"But the long journey to Mars and X-ray exposure that occurred during the trip, which we can not prevent change plans. We focus on sending the monkey," said Mikvabia.

Long trip to Mars vary depending on the type of mission that carried the space program. European Space Agency says a long trip around 520 days or one and a half years.

If implemented, Insitut environment will create conditions to keep the monkey all the way away. A robot will accompany the first primate to be to Mars. "Robots will provide food, clean and maintain the apes. Our job to teach the monkeys how to cooperate with a robot." he said.



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