Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Left alone, Killed Boy fell from 8 Floor Apartment

Never, ever leave children at home alone. Do not let the unfortunate events in Malaysia this happen to you!

A mother left her four-year-old alone in his apartment. The woman had just left about 30 minutes when he got terrible news. Wayangnya only son was killed falling from the eighth floor apartment!

This happened in the apartment Idaman Taman Larkin, Johor Baru, Malaysia as reported by Malaysian daily, The Star, Tuesday (19/1/2010).

Woman named S. Sarasvati was left home to conduct a job interview. He left his son who was sleeping. 29-year-old widow was only four days and then moved into the apartment with her son and a brother.

On the fateful day of Monday, January 18 that, Sarasvati asked his brother to drive her to the bus station. His son who was asleep, left the apartment alone. They locked the door of the apartment.

"His brother then returned to the apartment and found the boy was missing. When he checked the balcony, he saw the boy below," said Johor Baru police officer Zainuddin Yaakob.

Police suspect, the victim fell from the balcony on the eighth floor apartment building. This incident is the second tragedy in the life of Sarasvati. Her husband had died of an accident four years ago


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