Monday, January 18, 2010

U.S. Air Attack Kills 15 People in Pakistan

An unmanned aircraft belonged to the United States fired missiles in Pakistan's South Waziristan region on the Afghan border, killing at least 15 people, on Sunday, security officials said Pakistan.

United States increased attacks on a plane without a pilot tribal areas of Pakistan since a suicide bomb attack December 30 that killed seven employees CIA U.S. intelligence agencies at a U.S. base in Afghanistan.

"Now the number of victims killed 15 people. And will probably rise again. People are still busy removing rubble," said a senior security official told Reuters. Most of the victims are foreign fighters, he added.

Ten days after the attacks in Afghanistan by a double agent Jordan - the second bloodiest in the history of the agency - Taliban leader Mehsud Hakimullah in a video tape was sitting next to a suicide bomber to say goodbye.

The bomber said that he would avenge the death of a Taliban leader due to air strikes last year and called for attacks in and outside the United States.

Attacks unmanned aircraft that is a source of conflict between the U.S. and Pakistan, who say it violates its sovereignty.

U.S. officials said the missile attacks were carried out under a treaty with Islamabad. Islamabad denied the claim.

Washington said the attack aircraft is an effective weapon in the tribal areas in northwestern Pakistan along the Afghan border which is regarded as a global center for the guerrillas, including senior figures of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Pakistan rejected U.S. pressure to deal with groups of Afghan guerrillas who use the tribal areas are a mess as a base to fight Western troops in Afghanistan and said they were concentrating attacks on the Taliban's enemies in the region.


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