Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buffalo SiBuYa Go International

VIVAnews - Buffalo SiBuYa success highlighted a number of leading international media. Appearance because of the horrendous capital community and invite comments President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the sensation SiBuYa finally got the news portion of each page of multiple media.

According monitoring VIVAnews, the foreign media who reported that buffaloes belonging to the elite players. They include pages of the BBC from the UK.

In addition, a number of pages of leading newspapers also reported SiBuYa. They include The Washington Post (U.S.), The Telegraph (UK), and The Australian (Australia), until the Arab news pages, Gulf News.

A number of leading news agencies like Associated Press, Reuters, and AFP reported joined protests that unique.

They preach the average Indonesian police to ban the demonstrators no longer exert the buffalo and other animals now rally to the government.

"Way of the protocol should not be crossed by animals because they can walk. It can disrupt traffic," said an official at Polda Metro Jaya, Commissioner of the Big Boy Rafly Amar told the BBC.

A few days ago, demonstrators put a buffalo, which is named as a symbol of disappointment SiBuYa the Yudhoyono administration. According to the demonstrators, the government considered slow and stupid like a buffalo in carrying out their duties, particularly in the eradication of corruption.

Buffalo mobilize protests were not only make the traffic in central Jakarta to be jammed, but it helped make offended Yudhoyono. Demonstrate ways with animals, let alone the president's picture taped unethical.

A number of circles and readers how vivanews protest rally like this. Ndang Supriatna, in comments to VIVANews tells us: Freedom of expression still okay, but it was good, not a demo enggak yg pake buffalo Bu Yes ditulisin The Pak SBY plus pictures of all. It's incredible penghinaaan reply to the State Symbols


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