Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rivalry Begins! Rossi, Lorenzo Stop Switch Data

SEPANG, - Rivalry between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo has already begun. Although both pebalap Fiat Yamaha, but this second camp pebalap separated by a wall at the pit, would not exchange data again.

Manager statement Rossi, Davide Brivio, in a question and answer session when Yamaha launched the new motor will be used in pebalap their 2010 season this Thursday (4/2/10), at Sepang, Malaysia. According to him, the decision was taken to maintain independence in bringing the Yamaha pebalapnya victory.

"In 2010, we have little chance (including the exchange of information between Rossi and Lorenzo), compared with 2009," said Brivio.

"In consideration of the facts that demonstrate that these two pebalap main rival in the struggle for world championships, we have decided to honor this internal competition and appreciate the way they race to win the competition. Therefore, all weekend the two teams will be more independent.

"Not much information can be exchanged between the two teams. When he returned to the office, the mechanics can compare data and information. But in the garage, the two teams can work more independently."

Fiat Yamaha Team Director, Masahiko Nakajima, confirming the words Brivio. In a statement to, he confirmed that both teams have their own data, which can not be sharing. Only the Yamaha mechanic who can get that data.

"Yes," Nakajima said. "Therefore, each team (Rossi and Lorenzo) have the respective data. They can not see the other team data. Only the Yamaha mechanic who can see all the data and then provide feedback to both pebalap."

This condition is also realized by Rossi and Lorenzo, who had been competing since two seasons ago. But Rossi, who ruled the last two MotoGP season was the most enthusiastic response to it.

"I think, Lorenzo - had to face in 2008 and especially last year - has shown great speed and a good attitude to pengesetan motorcycles," said Rossi, who was seven-time premier-class champion. "Now that Jorge had two years in MotoGP, so everyone in the team agreed to open their own way.

"In addition, Jorge also want to work more in the development of the motor, so I think this is true, that every person doing the work and development as well as trying to do it alone. In the end, not much has changed because of all the comments made me and Jorge, like.

"Therefore, no major changes," added the Italian pebalap this.

But Lorenzo did not seem too happy with this situation. No wonder the Spanish pebalap not much comment.

"I do not have anything to comment on this."


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