Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UK urges Facebook, Post Panic Button

British Council For Children Safety on the Internet (UKCCIS), in London, England, Tuesday (23 / 3), urges social networking site Facebook, to immediately install a panic button or a security key, in every account owners Facebook.

Concerns about the negative impact of Facebook is reasonable, because, in October 2009 and then, a young Englishman named Ashleigh Hall was murdered, after meeting a stranger through Facebook. Victims who thinks teenagers Facebooknya friend, was a sex crime convict, 32-year-old.

Since the case, has launched a campaign UKCCIS rescue, one of its contents, suggesting the addition of a panic button on some website. This button allows users to communicate with the child protection center in England.

Meanwhile, the Facebook decided, would not install a panic button on the grounds of sexual crime reporting system that has been used, still running well [read: Access for Child Protection Canceled, Facebook Called].

Maybe it's time Indonesia had established supervisory agency children's safety in cyberspace. The reason for this is a lot happening due Facebook crimes in various areas. Facebook is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand to offer entertainment, but on the other side can also


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