Friday, April 2, 2010

So that never Failed Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not only can be done at the hospital, but the beauty clinics, salons and even had been providing services 'alter' the face or body. Unfortunately, there are still many women who are not concerned with the security of this procedure. As a result, not a victim who appears as a failed plastic surgery.

Then, how to choose a place to perform plastic surgery safe?

According to doctors Teddy O.H. Prasetyono, General Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Plastic Surgery Specialist Doctors (PERAPI), research and gather information from a competent doctor is very important before one decides to perform plastic surgery.

To determine whether physicians who selected the competence to perform plastic surgery, the simplest way is to look at the site In these sites there is a plastic surgeon Indonesia joined in PERAPI and no doubt their competence.

"In addition to seeing the site, another way is to ask the doctor a certificate or academic background. It is very important if the patient did not know the background of doctors and they do have a right to know," said dr. Teddy explained.

After choosing the right doctor, the next step is consultation. Consultations can be done in 2 to 3 times depending on the condition of the patient. That is because, according to Teddy's doctors, the patient must know what he wants and confident with his decision.

"Patients should know what he wants. No other people let alone follow the trend. If a patient like that, of course, doctors should be directed to the right. Ten years ago many patients who do plastic surgery because they want someone similar artists, but this time the patient had begun know what they want, it's because they've dug right information before deciding, "said dr. Teddy.

If that is not yet convinced to perform plastic surgery on a doctor, you can make comparisons with other physicians. Feeling comfortable and confident is very important in doing plastic surgery. Psychological condition must also be prepared. Therefore, the consultation process is very important before performing surgery.

Comparisons are also recommended by dr. Teddy, if indeed the patient was not convinced. But make sure you do a comparison with physicians who also have a background in plastic surgery.

Things you need to know is, the end result of plastic surgery takes time. "Not necessarily after surgery is being changed. For the final result and can take three weeks or one month depending on the part of the surgery. For nose jobs for longer, can be up to one year," said dr. Teddy.


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