Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Son of Osama end the silence

 Anak-Anak Osama Akhiri Kebungkaman: Pertanyakan Pembunuhan Ayahnya

WASHINGTON - The children of Osama bin Laden, on Tuesday (10 / 5), ended their silence, denouncing the murder of their father arbitrarily well and said the entire family felt demeaned and humiliated by their father's burial at sea.

In a statement sent to the New York Times, Osama's son questioned why their father "was not arrested and tried in a court" law so that truth can be revealed to the people around the world.

Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces on May 2, after being tracked down to a house in Pakistan - where he is alleged to have lived for many years, despite the international manhunt for the people "who are accused of masterminding the September 11 attacks of 2001 in the United States" .

The statement, which denounced the way their father was murdered, is said to be prepared with the direction of Osama's son - Omar bin Laden (30) - and also called for the release of three wives was the leader of al-Qaeda and their children.

"We insist the killing was not arbitrary political solution to the problem,"the statement said.
The statement also questioned the feasibility of such killings, which not only violated international law openly.

Pakistani officials have said that Osama's wife, all nationals of Yemen or Saudi Arabia, found the house in Abbottabad after the attack and their 13 children.

Osama's wife, Amal Ahmed Abdulfattah - nationals of Yemen, was shot in the leg during the operation of U.S. Navy Seals - who killed her husband.

Omar bin Laden, and another wife, Najwa, condemned the shooting in the statement.

"We want to remind the world that Omar bin Laden, the fourth son of our father had always disagree with our father about the violence and always send a letter to our father. Omar Osama recommend changing the way and do not attack civilians under any circumstances, "said the statement.


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