Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who is the richest young man in the world?


LONDON - Daniel Radcliffe has become the actor's richest with revenues of £ 28.5 million (Rp399, 3 billion) during 2009-2010. That pushed total revenues Daniel skyrocket to 48 million pounds (Rp672, 5 billion).

Not only Harry Potter movie stars who appear in the list of rich young people in The Sunday Times. Emma Watson, Daniel's main opponent in the movie Harry Potter, entrenched at number 13 with a fortune of £ 2 million (Rp28 billion).

Not to forget Robert Pattinson sits at number nine with their wealth of £ 32 million (Rp448 billion), little different with Keira Knightley wealth by £ 30 million (Rp420 billion) at number 10. Similarly disitat Showbizspy on Monday (09/05/2011).

Meanwhile, Prince William and Prince Harry are lagging behind Keira with inheritance and wealth in the form of land owned by the late Lady Diana.

Here is a list of the richest young man who told The Sunday Times:

1. Thomas Persson (fashion area) 700 million pounds

2. Robin Arora (retail sector), 343 million pounds

3. Fawn and India Rose James (the property), 302 million pounds

4. Arthur Landon (legacy) 200 million pounds

5. Daniel Radcliffe (film) 48 million pounds

6. Lord Mostyn and Family (soil) 44 million pounds

7. Sam Barnett (of Internet) 40 million pounds

8. Sean O'Connor (property) 32 million pounds

9. Robert Pattinson (film) 32 million pounds

10.Keira Knightley (film) 30 million pounds.


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